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Will My Arizona Refund EVER Come?

As our main office is in Arizona, one of our biggest questions/concerns is how the state refunds never seem to come through even if they do receive their federal refund. Well, thankfully Arizona does have a tool similar to the IRS "where's my refund" tool. The following link will take you there, but the step-by-step is below.



Step 1.

Step 2.

On the top line, you enter your social security or ITIN number.

On the second line, you press the down tab and enter your filing status. Single, head of household, married filing jointly, or married filing separately.

On the third line, it is important to use the zip code REPORTED on your last filed tax return.

On the fourth line enter which tax year you want a refund update on.

Step 3.

After all, information is filled out press "Check Status" which the status will populate on the right side of the screen.

Unlike IRS "where is my refund" doesn't ask for the amount of the refund, but can be upsetting for it might not give a reason of why it went lower or higher amounts.

****Disclaimer: All information is found in and*****

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