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My Name Changed, What Do I Do Now??

Having a new name can be like getting a new credit or debit card. It can be like a breathe of fresh air, however can come with a bit of a price. Such as having to update all the billing subscriptions such as all utilities, online shopping, etc. On top of that, an individual must follow the appropriate steps by filing important documentation with the SSA (Social Security Administration). There are different reasons for name changes such as, marriage, divorce, adoption, or needing a new Social Security Card due to theft or lost.

1) Notify the Social Security Administration

2) For any name change fill out form Form SS-5 located on

Now when applying for a new Social Security Number for an adopted child you must fill out a form called W-7A which is for an Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number. It is temporary so please be wary of that.

Now the importance of having your name and social security number match is due to the fact IRS uses the Social Security Administration's data base to identify tax payers. So, when they come back unidentifiable or do not match. It may cause tax payers to have their refunds delayed, or have their taxes processed later than usual.

****Disclaimer: All information is found in*****

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