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Refund Just Not Matching??

As the deadline has passed many individuals are still waiting on their refunds and are constantly using the IRS "Where Is My Refund", however, many are experiencing a sort of "shock" when they realize their refunds are less than what was expected. Before jumping to conclusions or thinking you were being cheated or robed. There could be a few reasons why your refund amount could have changed.

  • There were mathematical errors or mistakes when filing.

  • ​A wrong income was reported.

  • Wrong deductions have been submitted

  • There was a previous debt owed to federal taxes for a prior year

  • There were state taxes owed to, child support, student loans, or other delinquent federal non-tax obligations.

  • ​Some individuals believe by ignoring such obligations that they don't owe it, however, it will simply be paid back by a tax refund.

  • The IRS holds a portion of the refund while it reviews an item claimed on the return.

​The IRS can hold back returns until it gets the proof needed to release them.

However, one thing is certain, with any adjustment the taxpayer will receive a letter from the IRS on how it can be addressed, what is needed by the IRS, and how you may receive it.

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