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How to Take Pictures of Documents With Your Cell Phone:

With most companies and organizations becoming remotely, most documents have become paperless. However, there are some cases when you find yourself having to scan a document and send it to whoever requested it. Yet, how do you send something if you have no scanners available? Well, fortunately you can use your mobile device's camera feature and send a picture of that document to whomever is needing it.

Yet, the problem that can arise is that the person who gets it may not be able to read it be it the quality isn't good, the words become blurry, or the document itself is not in good condition due to damage. So, here is a small guide on how to take a proper picture of a document.

STEP 1: Use a dark background:

Set the document behind a dark background to make the edges POP.

STEP 2: Watch the lighting:

Make sure that the document is in a light filled room and that no shadows is being displayed onto the document which can hinder reading fully the text.

Step 3: Align the document to the camera:

When taking pictures of any documents take a movement to make sure that the corner is aligned to the camera's corner.

Step 4: Tap the middle of your phone:

It may not work for every mobile device. But by simply tapping the screen ONCE near the middle, it will activate your auto focus making each word become more vibrant and legible to whoever you send it to.

Step 5: Take the picture and check it!:

Once you take the picture, make sure to check it and ask yourself 2 questions.

  1. Can I read every word?

  2. Is this clear and good quality?

If the answer is yes send it to whoever requested the document.

Taking it a step further:

There are many apps that will turn your picture document into a pdf as well allows you to edit it and even send it to whoever via email making the process faster for you.


All information is pure opinion and to help other.

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