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Paying Arizona Taxes HASSLE FREE

Unlike some lucky local individuals, there are those who do owe taxes to Arizona. Yet, one of the occurring questions we get is, "how do I pay Arizona State taxes? Can they not just take it from my refund? Is there more than one option on how to pay?" The answer is, it's pretty easy to pay your taxes, as easy as that would be unfortunately you can not, and yes there is, in fact there are two main ways to pay.

1.) Mail- When choosing this option you want to send this around 2 weeks before the due date and it can NOT be cash. It must be a money order or a check and must include the following;

*Payable to Arizona Department of Revenue.

*Include your Social Security Number and "2018 Tax" on your payment.

*Any form that is given to you by your Tax Coordinator inside the envelope.


Arizona Department of Revenue

P.O. Box 29085

Phoenix, AZ 85038-9085

2.) Electronically- This option is highly recommended for two reasons one, it is quite easy to use and two, you receive a receipt as soon as you pay.

The website:

Once there you will see this page, afterwords you will click on the top right in the middle options, "individual"

It should bring a drop down menu where you should click "Make Payment".

It will bring you to asking two simple questions your payment type and filing status where you should place 140v if for any average form.

For Single or Head of Household;

For Married Filing Joint or for Married Filing Separate;

Click on the year you want to pay and fill out all necessary information, once down you will come to this page;

Where you put the exact amount owed you could do smaller payments, but keep in mind you will still owe the remaining balance and they will not call to remind you unless they start occurring penalties for late charges. Be sure to understand this point. Afterwords, you will see this page, understand there are fees involved;

Once that is checked you will be brought to a page to input all information in.

The once all 3 steps are complete you should receive your confirmation and receipt, which should always be printed and kept for records.

****Disclaimer: All information is found in*****

Want to make an appointment with JB-Taxes?

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