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Many people get concerned for one simple reason, they haven't received their W2's. By law, all employers must send out W2's by January 31st. and employees should get them in the following weeks throughout February. However, what should you do if you still have not received them? Luckily, there are options.

#1 Make sure your employer has your current address.

Sometimes, especially those who rent. Move constantly, yet fail to allow the employer know ahead of time. Simply call and get them to resend them to your new current address.

#2 You can file a 4852.

This option can be a little risky, for you can use your last pay-stub and file according to it. However, they are not entirely accurate and once you do receive your W2's you can risk having to owe, or be fortunate to receive even more. That would require a 1040X which can take up to 16 weeks to fully be processed.

#3 You can go to your employer directly.

It might be tedious, but sometimes employers are better faced head on. If you go down to the office and have proof of identity, they may be willing to allow you to simply pick them up.

#4 Ask if they are paperless.

With companies pushing for paperless and more efficient they seem to forget to inform employees that their important tax documents may only be accessible online. Fortunately, it is an easy fix with an easy solution.

While it can be frustrating waiting on those pesky W2's hopefully one of these options can be appealing and help you out!

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