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Refunds May Be Delayed

It has been noted in the IRS anyone who is receiving Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Addition Child Tax Credit (ACTC) will have their taxes delayed due to stricter rules and regulations. The IRS is pushing for individuals to be fully prepared and get their taxes done as soon as possible. Items that are useful on completing a tax return preciseness and on time are:

1. SSN 2. Drivers License or any Arizona ID 3. Any ITIN Papers 4. All Forms that you believe would be helpfull (ex. Mortgage Interest) 5. W-2 forms or 1099's

Bringing in all items and filling out any business AFFIDAVIT completely can truly make a difference for not only you, the taxpayer, but the tax-preparer as well. Which can help save you money and time.

Want to know if you qualify for EITC or ACTC? Here is a link to on how to know!

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