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Early Birds Get the Worms, Or In This Case Their Refunds?? (For E-Filing)

I really hope that everyone has had an incredible Christmas. But now it's time to talk business and take charge of the upcoming tax season! There has been a recent update warning people with both 1099's and W2's who are thinking to e-file to have them done as soon as possible. In-fact, those individuals who are planning to e-file have to have them filed by January 31st, 2017. The IRS is having no exceptions or extensions if not submitted before hand. They even request to have any W-2 forms in the WageFiling and paid for by January 27th, 2017. That way it can revised and finished over the weekend.

It is highly encouraged to get your e-filing done, if you plan to for the 2016 tax season. For if it isn't done by the deadline, it could result in penalties. So take advantage now and get it done in the next 60 days!

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